Get rid of back pain

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Everyone wants to be able to stay in good shape for as long as possible, right? But sometimes you may come across back pain, so were going to help you get rid of it. Our number one recommended way of doing so is going for regular sessions with a Chiropractor


back pain

Chiropractic services are a means of mending misaligned body structures and postures. Your spines are a very fragile part of your body and are prone to any damages as you grow old and when undergo extensive activities. Impervious back aches and stiffness are not normal and should be examined and relieved immediately.

Chiropractic services works to heal the spine from any stress and irritation that causes the unpleasant feeling. As your spine develops, it is affected by the other systems in your body. The nervous system is in charge in maintaining balance to the whole body including brain, spine and nerves. Chiropractic services are means of preserving the integrity of your nervous system by mending the discomforts and misalignment of spine and the surrounding nerves.

Adjustment is one of the most common procedures where a specific adjustment is done to the misaligned spine structure in order to reduce subluxation. A minor discomfort is expected during the procedure especially if the patient is tense, however, a fast relief is guaranteed. Another chiropractic procedure is the disc decompression therapy. It is a non- surgical therapy that provides relief to lower back pain, neck and lumbar pain and suitable to patients with damaged or degenerative discs. So that you can get rid of back pain. Therapeutic exercise is also an effective chiropractic procedure that includes hip roll, low back extension, partial sit-up, and knee to chest, double lifts and others. See video below for more details.

Work on the body can also be done with the use of needles. It is commonly known as acupuncture procedure and is consider as the most common form of alternative medicine. It is done by inserting small needles on pressure points of the body to promote healing and functioning of the organs. Electric muscle stimulation is another procedure where low levels of electrical impulses are applied to the injured or painful part of the body. Opposite to that is Cryotherapy. It is a procedure of gaining a temporary relief of pain where an ice compress is used to the surface of the skin. It is done to reduce the temperature from the tissues so that blood vessels would constrict numbing the area.

Our health is our main treasure and giving importance of it is our main responsibility. So if you experience constant back aches, lumbar pain and neck pain, take an immediate examination for earlier treatment or consult to a chiropractor immediately to relieve any further discomforts and ask for the chiropractic service procedure that’s best for you.

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